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Amy Leighton: The Speaking and Presence Coach

If you are an aspiring speaker, frustrated and tired with feeling lost and unsure how to get your voice heard, watching those around you grow and connect with their audience on another level, then you are in right place.


With an acting career that progressed to working with the likes of Disney, my story is one steeped in connection and communication


Specialist, strategic support to take your speaking game to the next level and beyond


If you have a question about your speaking career and would like to set up your free consult please get in touch to discuss more

What you get with Amy is a person who knows her stuff, an authentic and brilliant teacher who will be able to give tried and tested techniques to people to help them achieve the things they are striving for. Her passion is second to none and with Amy you will be getting someone who truly cares about others and seeing them succeed.
— Joe Sheerer, Amy Winehouse Foundation

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