Maybe you’ve been asked to give a speech at the reception or perhaps deliver a reading at the vows. Whether it’s a traditional ceremony or you’re going for something a bit different, we all know what a great honour it is to be involved in a loved one’s big day,  and really step up to the plate (especially if you’re a bride or groom!)

That said, with the date set and your outfit already being planned, it might be that you find yourself in a spot where you:

  • Know what you want to say to do a good job, but nerves are getting the better of you and the thought of being in front of the crowd of guests is keeping you up at night

  • Want to stand out from the crowd but don’t know how

  • Have done endless research but are pretty uninspired by google as to the content and presentation of your speech

  • Want to give the most personal, considered and love filled words but are struggling with how to deliver them in a way to do them real justice

  • Have the bones of what you want to say but need support bringing in those unique and special elements so your words can be truly memorable to your loved ones

    If you resonate with any of the above then fear not! I am delighted to say I have launched a special, tailored service to answer this very need.


What’s on offer

I now offer individual, bespoke 121 speaking and presence coaching for wedding speechmakers, matched to your own personal needs and requirements.

Whether you have a one paragraph reading and would benefit from a one-off support  to combat those nerves and do it justice, or you need to curate, create and present a key speech that will be a cornerstone of the day itself, and know that more involved support would be better, I have you covered.


My one off two hour sessions can help those who are feeling like, ‘I’ve got this!’, but want some help to tweak and refine delivery and combat those nerves.

Investment: £350

(Payment plans and instalments available - please just ask!)


This is my over time specialist support. My six session program is delivered over three months (or can be shorter if you’ve got a need for speed!) and covers -

  • Clarity on you and your speech

  • Physical and vocal presence

  • Maximising delivery style for ultimate impact

  • Combatting and banishing those nerves such that confidence leads

  • Polishing and refining whilst keeping an air of spontaneity for a natural, memorable delivery

The exclusive and bespoke programme will finish with a robust speech, a confident and heartfelt delivery and most importantly, leaving a life-long impression of love and memories to cherish.

Investment: £1497

(Payment plans and instalments available - please just ask!)

Next steps for you...

Open to people worldwide, sessions are via video call and recorded in real time just in case you need a refresher to revisit a certain part of the program again, plus optional homework is given to keep the momentum going in-between our time together!

(There may be some instances where face to face is possible, but this can be discussed and agreed in advance.)

So if either you or someone you know needs a hand, if google isn’t doing it for you and the idea of delivering that wedding speech or reading is too much to handle, get in touch.

Rest assured that conversations are totally confidential!


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