I walk my talk - I am a trained creative in the wellness industry with a client list that makes my heart sing

I know what it was like to feel lost, not feel like an individual reaching my full potential

I have worked with some major brands and people of all ages

I can break communication down into the voice, the body and the content (or story) and go through these things in detail session by session.

I understand how body, voice and text connect in order to make significant emotional (and therefore goal orientated) positive steps to benefit you and your business.

I understand how important speaking is and how to create connection.

I understand how a creative may not benefit from boardroom corporate style training, but want a personalised, fun and friendly approach in a supportive atmosphere.

I know how vulnerable and exposing speaking can be

How is the program organised?

  • Completed over 12 weeks

  • 2 x 1 hr sessions every month

  • Via Skype/In Person?

  • Pre-work is necessary to start to get them thinking about who they are and what makes them tick. Maybe a vision board that they can talk about in the first session?

  • There will be worked needed inbetween sessions by the client

  • Equally possibly some work that needs to be done by me inbetween sessions too. (Although kept to a minimum)

  • Not sure if there’s anything to do after you work together to cement it all in.

  • Email support can be offered inbetween sessions.

  • Equally so are emergency sessions

  • Clients can text inbetween sessions.

  • There will be worksheets to help get the best results.

  • Group component as an optional extra - get all clients together to spend the day on a ‘retreat’ and share what they have learnt / speech with one another. Equally maybe as a separate day altogether.

COST: £2500