Fab Giovanetti, CEO at Health Bloggers Community and Whole Influence

Emily Kier, Twice the Health

Chloe Brotheridge, Anxiety expert & Author of The Anxiety Solution

"As a health or wellness blogger, it is *so* important to be able to connect with your audience effectively, yet it can be all too easy to hide behind a screen! To be able to make it long term, personal connection is vital - creating a truthful, lasting relationship with your followers. Amy helps you to do that. She has a brilliant understanding of what it takes to make it in the wellness world and most importantly, how to get yourself out there confidently so that you’re ready to take on the world!"

"Amy makes you feel so comfortable from the get go. Talking through the key points of what you struggle with to really tailor the session to you. I am excited for the next public speaking opportunity so I can put the practice into action! No ‘umms’!!"

"Since public speaking has become more and more part of my job I thought it only right to get some support with honing my communication and storytelling skills. I loved working with @amyleighton 'The Speaking and Presence Coach' who works specifically with people in the wellness industry. Amy is absolutely lovely - but what impressed me the most was the smart strategy and insightful feedback she gave me. I'm feeling even more confident and excited about getting out there and speaking to more people ✨💛🌈🌷"

Lucy Sheridan, The Comparison Coach and Hay House Author

"The ones that make it to the stages and panels in the industry are the ones that take their speaking proposition seriously, and yet, it can be only too easy to dabble with a DIY approach - I see it time and time again. For longevity, connection and cut through a professional, careFULL approach provides the magic touch and this is where Amy comes in. A true pro who walks her talk, she finally offers the wellness industry the speaking training expert we have been waiting for, to take our speaking from good to great!"


Joe Sheerer, Resilience Programme Coordinator at the Amy Winehouse Foundation

"I had heard that Amy was a brilliant teacher of confidence building techniques, body language tips and team building exercises which sounded perfect to help our volunteers. What we got was a whole lot more!... 

In my opinion the best thing about working with Amy is her personality and warmth. Amy truly enjoys working with people and loves seeing them grow in their lives. Amy has a real unique, authentic and approachable character which is a joy to be around and helped our volunteers feel at ease when working with her. On par with Amy’s personality at the top of the list is her passion. Amy truly loves her work and enjoys seeing people change their lives, growing from feeling unable or not at ease in situations to feeling more confident in themselves to achieve whatever it is they want to do.

What separates Amy from other trainers I have worked with is her honesty and empathy. Amy is able to be honest about her past struggles with the trainees and relate to their feelings rather than just trying to say the right things to them to just reassure them. Amy understands that some people struggle more than others, some people learn slower/faster and some can just feel nervous. From Amy’s own past experiences of similar feelings she is able to empathize with the trainees and demonstrate exactly how much people can change through training.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is thinking of working with her or to anyone that are thinking about running a training course. What you get with Amy is a person who knows her stuff and an authentic and brilliant trainer who will be able to give tried and tested techniques to people to help them achieve the things they are striving for. Her passion is second to none and with Amy you will be getting someone who truly cares about others and seeing them succeed."

Osian Evans, Management Consultant

"We chose Amy as we knew she could give us exactly what we needed, working on our speaking skills for a vital presentation in front of a panel of experts for industry awards. As a result of working with Amy, our presentation and confidence levels were elevated dramatically meaning that we were all able to give commentary on film and in person. This would certainly not have been possible without Amy’s help.. Thank you!"

Persia Lawson, published author and love coach

“I have been working with Amy for the last few years and I can honestly say she is second to none! She has great understanding of the client experience and really gets what it takes to be and work with entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. Amy gets the job done every time and on time. I love working with her - she is so supportive whilst equally leaving me the room I need to shine! I truly cannot recommend her highly enough."


Joey Bradford, co-author of The Inner Fix and founder of Motherheart

"What strikes me most about Amy is her infectious energy and enthusiasm! She's a 'solutions' woman and always helps me to feel that anything is possible. With everything going digital, verbal communication is now more important than ever. It's so easy to post our ideas online for the rest of the world to see. As someone who works in the wellbeing sphere, I must be able to effectively communicate my message. Amy is THE woman who can help with that. She can help you to find your unique voice, as well as how to use it, in a world that's growing increasingly noisy."


Rhodri Cave, Management Consultant

"Amy worked with myself and a couple of colleagues on our presentation skills and delivering soundbites to camera for competitive industry awards. What struck me initially was Amy’s dynamic personality and her wealth of knowledge. Together, we worked in depth to hone our speaking skills and physical presence both off and on camera, alongside bolstering our confidence levels. Our time together paid off when we really needed it to, and I continue to put into use the valuable skills I learnt on a daily basis. Thank you!"

Gabi Maddocks, Artistic Director of The Playing Space

Dave Noble, Founder of @wearesmalltalks

"Our participants have always found Amy’s approach incredibly encouraging and beneficial. She has a deep understanding of the connection between breathing, voice, confidence and presentation skills - and is great at helping professionals put this into practise with great results!”



"Amy is an incredible talent who beholds an abundance of quality. Smart, fun and a pleasure to work with"