‘What I know for sure is that *speaking your truth* is the most powerful tool we all have’ - Oprah Winfrey

Communication and creativity is at the heart of everything that I do. I am passionate about helping individuals and audiences find their voice so they can not only demonstrate their best self to the world, but they can positively thrive in doing so.

Public speaking is something that doesn't come easily to many of us and can be so often avoided until, *gulp*, we've got a talk/podcast/interview and suddenly it's happening whether we like it or not.

But wouldn't it be a good idea to put in some of the ground work ahead of time, and approach each of these opportunities feeling confident and strong?

In the midst of algorithms, likes and followers in a world saturated by social media, face to face communication, presence and connection has never been more important. Competition in the wellness industry is high so it's vital that we can confidently show ourselves and our business to the world.  Excellent communication, with confidence, clarity and authenticity is the difference that makes all the difference and my talks and workshops are there to help do just that with added style.


My talks and workshops include but are not limited to the following talks to the following topic, can be tailored for both groups and individuals according to your audience:

  • Upping Your Speaking Game: Quick, instantly implementable tips that will help you take your speaking game to the next level and let YOU shine.

  • Key message mastery: getting to your most memorable, digestible soundbites so that you leave a mark on your audience

  • Maximising Your Speaking Confidence: Dispelling the myth that you have to do things like everyone else. How can you take ownership of your speaking in your own unique way?

  • Owning Your Truth and Rocking Your Stage Time: Recognising WHY you’re saying what you’re saying and understanding HOW this can make a positive impact on our audience!

  • #NoSpeakingFilter: Leaning into your truths and experiences so that your audience can gain maximum impact.


  • Presence and public speaking coaching is not part of what I do, it’s all that I do.

  • I step away from traditional training models and combine my love of all things creativity with my work to create an informal and supportive environment which is most importantly fun!

  • I have worked with major brands (including Disney and the Amy Winehouse Foundation) and people of all ages to not only deliver impactful and exciting messages but also combine confidence, creativity and communication at the heart of everything that I do

  • As a trained performer, being in front of an audience is where I feel most at home. Whether it be on camera or at a speaking gig, it’s where I get most excited about being!

  • I always bring my own unique style and flavours to my work, sharing stories and anecdotes to help my speaking hit home and have maximum impact on an audience.

  • I enjoy drawing each and every member of an audience into a talk to make them feel as involved as possible, whether that be online or in person.

  • From the sample talk titles, you can see that I am able to speak about owning your speaking and presence from several angles, however I am always happy to discuss titles, topics and submit proposals to deliver maximum impact for your audience. 

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