"...you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills--public speaking.” - Warren Buffett

I am passionate about helping individuals and audiences find their voice and arrive at their own presentation style such that they not only can handle a public speaking opportunity but that they positively thrive doings so.

Public speaking is one of those things that does not come naturally to many of us and is sometimes conspicuous in its absence especially in the workplace.

Perhaps there is concern about certain members of the team being quiet in meetings and not contributing or, on the other end of the scale, your senior members of the company have a one off ‘make or break’ presentation where failure is not an options. In the

In either scenario - and each in between - excellent communication, with confidence, clarity and authenticity is the difference that makes all the difference and my corporate talks and workshops deliver just that.

My corporate services include but are not limited to the following talks, sessions and workshop themes and can be tailored to your audience whether individual or groups:

  • Perfect presence: It’s not just what you say it’s how you say and this is never more relevant than in business. Individuals with presence engage others, draw people in and get others on board. The tools and techniques taught in this session are pivotal to supporting the leaders of today and tomorrow.

  • Win the pitch: perfect to prepare for awards presentations or new business meetings where your ideas must connect in order for secure success.

  • Promotion support: Specific guidance for individuals or groups rising the ranks quickly and must be able to hold their own with internal and external clients.

  • Speak up. Step up: Growing confidence in meetings and group scenarios in the workplace so that you be your best you

  • Upping Your Speaking Game: Quick, instantly implementable tips that will help you take your speaking game to the next level and let YOU shine.

  • Maximising Your Speaking Confidence: Dispelling the myth that you have to do things like everyone else and allowing you to arrive at your own style

  • #NoSpeakingFilter: Stepping away from censoring yourself because of what others might think and leaning into your experiences and stories for the benefit of all your colleagues


  • Presence and public speaking coaching is not part of what I do, it’s all that I do

  • I have worked with major brands (including Disney and the Amy Winehouse Foundation) and people of all ages to not only deliver impactful and exciting messages but also combine confidence, creativity and communication at the heart of everything that I do

  • As a trained performer, being in front of an audience is where I feel most at home. Whether it be on camera or at a speaking gig, it’s where I get most excited about being!

  • I always bring my own unique style and flavours to my work, sharing stories and anecdotes to help my speaking hit home and have maximum impact on an audience.

  • I enjoy drawing each and every member of an audience into a talk to make them feel as involved as possible, whether that be online or in person.

  • From the sample talk titles, you can see that I am able to speak about owning your speaking and presence from several angles, however I am always happy to discuss titles and submit proposals to gain maximum impact for your audience.

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